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specializes in residential custom home automation designs. Each of

our systems is catered to meet the needs of our customers, and takes

into careful consideration equipment capabilities, simplified operation,

interaction between electronic components, cost, and future

expansion. This process makes us an objective consultant for you. We

can consult with you on the video design of your home, the audio design,

the home automation design, and the lighting control design of you home. We can consult

with you regarding the security of your home, where to place , motion

sensors, and how to integrate access control features into your home such as thumb print

readers, voice recognition, or card scan readers. Our design team carefully reviews your house plans,

your priorities, and your budget as we design a comprehensive set of

plans to guide your home electronics project to success. These blue print designs show

all the audio, video, data, security, and control wiring for your home. The blue prints

show accurate details of how your home is to be wired and how each component is to be

connected to the system. The blue prints also include schematics of the inputs and outputs

of each device and how they connect to the system. AVDMedia also provides extensive labeling

equipment lists, check off sheets and elevation documentation so that your installation

can be completed successfully.


AVDMedia is an architectronic firm

that specializes in smart home designs, home automation, Crestron, Crestron Control systems

Crestron Programming, design of custom electronics, home theater systems, and designing homes

for the future. We can assist you in your electronic home management needs by preparing

comprehensive electronic blue prints that detail all the audio, video, home networking, telephone'

security, home automation, distributed audio, distributed video,

HVAC control, remote monitoring, remote control, remote access, automated window coverings,

HDTV, wireless network, video conferencing, and any of your telecommuting needs.


Because each automation product comes with its own unique set of operating

protocols, our services can provide you with the knowledge and

assistance necessary to integrate every component seamlessly into your

home. Our experienced design staff are familiar with an extensive list

of products from some of the most reputable manufactures like, Crestron, JBL, Harmon Kardon,

Sony, Seleco, OnQ, HAI, Autopatch, Vantage, Lutron, Litetouch, Speakercraft, JBL Synthesis'

Pioneer, NEC, Philips, Fujitsu, Runco, Faroudja, Sonance, Panasonic, Tandberg, Hitachi,

Hunter Douglas, Silent Gliss, Rain Bird, Audio Request, and JVC giving you the

assurance of dependable sophistication for years to come.


At AVDMedia we are committed to creating automation solutions that you can

operate with confidence, whether you are accessing your system from the

comfort of your living room, or from across the country.