AVDMedia is a dedicated "architectronic" design and programming firm that specializes in sophisticated electronic systems for developments, estates, homes and certain commercial applications. Every system design that we complete is catered to meet the unique needs of our clients, and takes into careful consideration project objectives, equipment capabilities, simplified operation, interaction between electronic components, cost, and future expansion. Our experienced design team carefully reviews the goals for each project, the priorities of each client, and the long-range objectives as we design a comprehensive set of plans, schematics, elevations, equipment lists, and support documentation to guide each project to success.


AVDMedia's proven design strategies include the reviewing of the blueprints, visiting the project site, extensive interviews with each client, and close interaction with the architect, general contractor, interior designer and all necessary sub-contractors. The initial result of our combined efforts is to identify the scope of design for the project. AVDMedia then begins the process of specifying solutions and designing those solutions around the needs of the project.


At AVDMedia we are committed to designing complete audio, video, networking, automation, security and management systems that our clients can operate with confidence, whether they are accessing their system from the comfort of their living room, from the office, or from across the country.




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